European People’s Party: mission and activities

Welcome to the website of the European People’s Party, the largest and most dynamic political force of Europe.

The EPP is a family of the political center whose roots run deep in the history and civilization of the European continent. Our vision for Europe is one of mutual respect, of inclusion and of free citizens, encompassing all countries and regions, no matter how diverse – a Europe for all.

The EPP’s pan-European dimension is manifested not only by the 268-strong EPP-ED group of the  European Parliament , the EPP group of the  Committee of Regions , and the EPP members of the European Commission, but also by its EPP representatives in the parliamentary assemblies of the  Council of Europe , NATO, the WEU, and the OSCE.

Based in the heart of the ‘European quarter’ of Brussels, the headquarters of the EPP oversee and co-ordinate the on-ongoing EPP events, and respond to the policy challenges of an evolving Europe.  Apart from the various policy Working Groups and Forums of the EPP, key issues are often tackled at the Political Bureau, the EPP Statutory Summits and EPP Prime Ministers’ Meetings, which are held regularly.

I, therefore, hope that our website will offer everybody the opportunity to become better acquainted with the achievements of the pioneering political force of Europe and its vision for the future.

Working Groups and Forums are integral part of the EPP structure, gathering nearly two hundred politicians and experts on their field from EPP Member parties. Each Working Group member is nominated by the EPP member party or association.

The Working Group works by producing EPP positions, reports and publications and inviting quest speakers and organising conferences. Working Groups report to the EPP Presidency and the EPP Political Bureau.

Meetings take place 3 times a year in Brussels. Often EPP member parties invite the working groups to have their meeting outside of Brussels to gain local knowledge and support EPP member parties in their national campaigning.

Member party representatives sitting in five working groups and three fora elaborate common positions and strategies on a wide range of issues including EU enlargement, judicial policy, security and defence, economic and social policy, agriculture etc.

EPP Forums are platforms strenghtening the EPP relations in various regions: Russian Federation and the other CIS States, South-Easth Europe, and Mediterranean region including Maghreb countries. EPP Forum work is based on annual conferences and various indiviudal projects under EPP umbrella.